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4 ways to do yoga stretches for pain in the lower back

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If you suffer from pain in the lower back, there are various yoga stretches that can give you relief. Switching between cat and cop positions directs you towards your sore back. Start with your hands and knees on the ground. Then inhale and lift your chest and back towards the ceiling of the cat bag. As you exhale, release your head and back, then bend the center of your back toward the floor for the cow position. Switch between cat and cow 6 to 8 times, holding each pose for a few seconds. You can also try the sphinx pose, which means that you lie flat on your stomach with your feet apart and then bend your elbows directly under your shoulders and bend your back. Breathe slowly and hold the pose for a few minutes. For more tips, including how to do a downward dog position to help back pain, read on!

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