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4 ways to become flexible

Monica Morris

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • How to improve your flexibility?

The best way to improve your flexibility is to stretch continuously and consistently. Stretch all day every day and try to exceed the limits you had the day before. Let's say you do a hamstring stretch and that you can get 75% of the way down. You would see that benchmark and then try to do the exact same stretch and get to 80% of the way down.

  • How do you become flexible in one day?

You can stretch, but you will not improve your range much in 24 hours. Instead, try to apply heat, then cool your muscles and keep alternating back and forth. For example, if you want to improve flexibility throughout your body, you can take a hot shower and then a cold bath. If it is more of a localized area, you can use a heating pad followed by an ice pack. You should also sleep to rest your muscles.

  • What are the benefits of being flexible?

The main advantage is that it improves your daily activities. When you pick up a drawer or laundry basket, or grab the newspaper, or chase your kids around, it will be easier if you are more flexible. It also helps improve your circulatory system, allowing your heart to pump blood throughout your body more easily, and with it comes a better supply of proteins and nutrients necessary for your cells to function.

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