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4 things to grow in your garden that save money on food

Everyone is always looking to do good for the planet while saving money, and a garden can help you do both! Growing the following items in your home garden can help you spend less when you visit the grocery store.

Herbs, herbs and more herbs

home-grown collection of fresh herbs

Herbs are one of the best things you can grow in your garden to save money throughout the season. This is for some reason. First, many herbs can be easily preserved or frozen for use long after the date they stop growing in your garden. Herbs are usually very versatile. For example, basil can be preserved in a variety of ways that do not include turning it into pesto or freezing it. Alternatively, it can be preserved by making it into jelly, using it to infuse oil or honey, or drying it and using it in homemade spices.

Another reason why it is beneficial to grow herbs in your garden is that they are very easy to grow and usually have a high success rate. Herbs are rarely disturbed by pests in the garden and can easily be grown in large quantities. From basil to mint to rosemary to thyme, growing herbs is one way to have a rich garden and save money.


hand holding full-bodied ripe vine tomatoes

Another versatile addition to any garden is tomato plants. These come in various forms, from cherry tomatoes to slicing tomato varieties. In particular, heirloom tomatoes allow you to see savings, as they are likely to be harvested time and time again and usually cost an average of three to four dollars per pound in grocery stores.

One reason why these are a strategic item to plant when trying to save money is that they have a long harvest season, which means you will be able to pick tomatoes time and time again from spring to fall. Another good reason to plant these has to do with the little maintenance needed when they are first planted. Most tomato plants only need a little watering.

Tomatoes are delicious all year round, but summer is a particularly good time to enjoy their sweet taste. In a summer salad, on top of a freshly grilled hamburger or in a fluffy omelette are just some of the ways that your home-grown tomatoes can add flavor to a meal.


hands holding a new lettuce head healthy in the ground

For families who eat a lot of salads and vegetables, lettuce is the gift that continues to give in your garden. This applies to salads in all forms, and there are really many different types to choose from. These plants are known to produce leaves as long as the weather is at least mild, making it a saver and a plant that gives you a lot of money.

Plus, when you cut grown leaves of a lettuce plant, more leaves grow in their places, making it a “cut and come again” type of plant. This is especially true if you choose the large outer leaves first instead of picking the whole head from the ground. In about a week you should be able to harvest more leaves again. To keep your garden green all season, plant a few seeds every two weeks to get a continuous flow of greens and lettuce in your kitchen.

For the richest salad, go with Romaine. This gives the highest growth and yield, usually. In addition, it is one of the healthiest you can eat, which makes it even better.

Other greens are just as easy to grow and are just as beneficial for your wallet. Arugula, Swiss chard and spinach are all other greens worth considering for your garden.


curled garlic growing in the ground

Garlic is used so often in cooking, so it makes sense to grow it in your garden to save some money and give a homemade feel to your homemade dishes. It is one of the most cost effective plants to grow, as garlic can cost between one and seven dollars per pound in the grocery store but costs only about 50 cents per pound to grow yourself.

Garlic is also an easy plant to grow, and it is usually grown in the fall or winter, which helps create space in the garden during the warmer months. This plant needs an area that is free of weeds to flourish.

As mentioned above, garlic can be used in many different ways in the kitchen. In pasta dishes, as pasta, to ward off bacteria or even as one natural pesticideGarlic will be used almost daily in your kitchen, making it the perfect item to grow in your garden to save money.

Although there are so many choices for what to grow in your garden, these four plants are easy to produce and certainly save money.

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