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3 ways to treat low blood pressure naturally

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Having low blood pressure can make you feel awful, but fortunately there are some simple steps you can try at home. Before you try to treat your low blood pressure naturally, always consult your doctor to be sure you will not do yourself any harm. When your doctor gives you the clear signal, you can try to add more salt to your diet, as it can help raise your blood pressure. To keep your salty food choices healthy, try having some salty vegetable broths each week, add more salt to your usual healthy fish, meat and veggie dishes and maybe opt for salty Mediterranean style. Blood pooling in your legs can also contribute to low blood pressure, so try wearing compression socks as a favorable natural cure. Whichever solution you choose, continue to monitor your blood pressure and work with your doctor to treat underlying medical problems. For more advice from our medical co-authors, including how to control your blood pressure, continue reading.

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