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3 ways to do magic tricks

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To learn magic, start with these two simple tricks:

First try to make a coin disappear. Tell your audience that you will rub a coin into your skin until it disappears. First show them the coin to prove that it is not fake. Then place the hand holding the coin on your elbow and rest your opposite hand under the chin. When you are ready to start, rub the coin against your elbow. After a few seconds you "accidentally" drop the coin on the table. This step is really important, so act embarrassed that you did not intend to drop the coin. Reach down with both hands to pick up the coin, but secretly use the hand you had originally submitted to your chin to pick it up. Put that hand under your chin again and continue to rub the other hand in the elbow for a few seconds. After a while you open your hand and reveal that the coin is gone!

Second, try to make a coin disappear and reappear with props. First, gather your materials. You will need a wineglass, a coin, a cloth, 2 sheets of construction paper in the same color, scissors, a pen and a glue stick. Then carefully trace the jungle on a glass of building paper. Cut out the circle nicely. Draw a small amount of glue around the glass's mouth and gently attach the cut circle on top, trying to line up the edges perfectly. During the trick, this paper will cover the coin so that it "disappears". When the glue has dried, set up your magic trick! Place the coin and wine glass upside down on top of the other building paper. Now you are ready to perform the magic trick. Start by covering the entire glass with the cloth. Then pick up the glass and place it on top of the coin. Remove the tablecloth and the coin has disappeared! Then let the coin reappear by covering the glass with the cloth again. Lift the glass together with the cloth and the coin has reappeared!

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