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3 ways to create your own Pokémon

Select an element to determine the color of your Pokémon. Each Pokémon needs an element to determine its type. The element determines a Pokémon's movements, strengths, weaknesses and usually its color. Pokémon can only have 1-2 types, and these types need not be related to the object or animal on which Pokémon is based – although it is perfectly good if they are related. For example, a Pokémon based on a chicken can be a fire type, although chickens have nothing to do with fire. [3]

  • For example, if you make a fox Pokémon a poison type, the fur may be purple and its eyes could be yellow. You can turn a Pokémon thumb block into a flying and steel type and give it wings and an elegant silver color.
  • By using corresponding colors, people can automatically know something about your Pokémon just by looking at it. If a hedgehog Pokémon is light yellow, the viewer can automatically assume that it is an electric type.

Element colors:

Fire ̵

1; Orange, red and yellow

Water – Blue and white

Grass – Green, brown and yellow

Electric – yellow (usually light yellow)

Psychic – The symbol is Magenta, but Psychic Pokémon tend to be a variety of colors

Steel – Silver, Gold and White

Normal – Brown, Pink and White

Fairy – Pink and purple

Dark – Black, white and dark blue

Flying – The symbol is purple, but flying Pokémon can be any color

Ghost – Purple, black and magenta

Gift – Purple, dark yellow and dark red

Ice – White, silver and light blue

Ground – Earth tones, like brown, yellow and gray

Rock – Black, gray and white

Dragon – The symbol is royal blue, but all color schemes work (they are usually a 3-4 carbon ore) [19659006] Fighting – The symbol is red, but fighting Pokémon can be any color

Bug – Green, yellow and b run

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