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3 ways to communicate better in a relationship

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The key to communicating better in your relationship is to be open with each other and compromise on decisions. None of you can read the senses, so try to express your thoughts and feelings as if your partner has no idea how you feel. When your partner expresses his or her own thoughts, listen without disturbing them or adopting what they mean. If you are not sure what they mean, ask them to explain. You should also try to recognize when your partner is upset, by things like their body language, voice tone and energy levels. This way you can support and comfort them without having to tell them what they need. To avoid unnecessary arguments, try to compromise as much as possible. For example, write a list of pros and cons together to help you be objective when making decisions. Or turn to choosing smaller things, such as which movie you watch or where you eat. Learn more about ending a conversation when it turns into an argument.

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