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3 ways to choose a good skateboard


If you want to choose a good skateboard, consider getting a board with custom parts. For tires, choose a width from 7.5 to 8.0 if you want to ride the streets and wider if you plan to ride vert. While the price range for tires is large, you can save some money by buying an empty tire rather than one designed by a professional skateboarder. When choosing trucks for your board, look for a maximum length of 10 inches and a width that matches the tire size. To get your skateboard rolling smoothly, select wheels that match your style. For longboards, go with big and soft wheels and for streetboards, pick wheels that are small and hard. When picking out stocks, anything above a 3 on the ABEC scale works best. Read more about more information, including how to decorate your new skateboard!

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