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2x MakeyMakey floor piano: 9 steps

At this point, you can continue to customize this building as needed. This is the part that I enjoy working in Scratch to make things happen.

I have mixed a floor piano project from @wrightlibrarian – and add the extra keys for a total of 29. I also added some functionality so that the LEFT ARROW lowered the octave and the RIGHT ARROW raised the octave.

I hope this instructional material has been useful and informative. Like I said it was a bit advanced, but well worth the effort. The surprise of the students and the parents' faces as they played the piano was amazing. You can see from photos as the piano too a little dirty with all use. I found that it can be cleaned with soap and water. If necessary, it can always repaint with GESSO.

Comment on any upgrades that you think may help. My goal is to have a 4-6 week class that includes project-based learning, where an interdisciplinary design thinking process is dug into how a piano / electronic keyboard works and the students are commissioned to build this piano. If this happens anywhere in the world, please let me know.

Connecting art & science is a necessity ̵

1; LifeThruTech & LifeThruMusic.

For all teachers who are out, feel free to contact me for further questions or consultation. A great resource for joining the project is David Byrne's How Music Works (9/2012 book by singer for Talking Heads) – https: // … [19659002] Scratch Floor Piano Project 190712 – Premiere19659002PO Please follow one of my other Scratch projects every year – .edu/ users / lifethrutech /

SIST: I have to give a shout out to Justin Williams, who is my equivalent at LifeThruMusic. His artistic talents produced an interpretation of the cover of Beyonc√©'s Homecoming films from 2019…1919659010]
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