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10 simple DIY tricks to upgrade your rental property

When you live in a rental apartment or a home, it may seem as if you are forbidden to do many things that would make the space feel more like home. However, there are many good hacks that allow you to make your space more homely without violating the terms of your lease.

Hang curtains with command hooks

Instead of drilling holes in the walls to attach curtains, just use command hooks to hold a curtain rod.

2. Washi Tape Wall Design

You may not be able to paint the walls any color you want, but you can definitely add feel to the walls! Consider adding fun designs with washi ribbons, which are affordable, easy to install and easy to remove without leaving marks behind.

colorful washi tape

3. DIY Roman shades

Add a little elegance plus an extra layer of privacy to your rental with simple DIY shades. All you need to do is install a tie rod in your windows and then drape the fabric you choose over it.

4. Install a Pegboard

In all rooms where you do not have an organization, you use command hooks to install one pegboard. This is great in places like an office or kitchen that helps you hang items like pots, pans, cups that contain things like pencils and clips and other items to keep your space neat and tidy.

pegboard organizing hooks

5. Temporary background image

Shell and stick wallpaper is rage today, so take advantage of the trend in your rent! Even if you just create a simple accent wall, this will really do wonders to transform your space in a way that is kosher with your rental terms.

6. Use several small rugs

If your rental has a long hall that is strangely shaped in width or length, do not stress about finding the perfect runner. Instead, choose several less expensive rugs that can go next to each other to give the same effect.

elegant modern room with small carpet under wooden table

7. Be smart with storage

The storage situation in rental units can sometimes be tricky, but there are lots of hacks to try to give you more space. For example, use an overhead door organizer in a pantry or linen closet to store things like spices or extra toiletries. Another storage hack is to double up hangers by putting a bottle of soda on top, so you can hang another one on the bottom and hang almost double the clothes in your closet! Finally, hang clamps over the bottom of the closet to make a DIY shoe rack to get more out of the space.

8. Use LED light strips

Instead of installing new fixtures in a place in your rental that is too dark for your taste, use LED lights. These are self-adhesive and can easily be added to a pantry, under a kitchen cabinet or in a closet to light it up.

LED strip lighting in the kitchen

9. Replace hardware

You can easily replace much of the hardware in your rental without violating your rental terms. This includes cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and outlet and light plates. These small changes can really make a difference in your space, and it’s a fun way to customize your home. Just remember to place all the original hardware somewhere you remember so you can replace it before you move out.

10. Contact paper

Contact paper works wonders in many ways when renting – from covering an outdated countertop to making appliances that are old and dull seem to be stainless and up to date. The best part? You can find contact paper that suits any look or style – from marble to solids to patterns, there is no shortage of ways that this easy to use and easy to remove material can help you update a rental in an instant.

If you think you want to do something to update your rent without risking being reprimanded by your landlord, these are good places to start.

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