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10 Kitchen renovation errors to avoid

Renovating your kitchen is a big business and the process leaves a plethora of decisions to make. When modernizing this functional space, do not fall victim to a variety of common renovation errors that have plagued many homeowners.

first Making an island too big

The idea of ​​an oversized island in your kitchen can be a tempting one, but don't get too carried away with its size. Anything over ten meters in length will be really awkward to walk around in your kitchen. In addition, anything more than four meters deep makes it difficult for anyone to reach the center of space. If you have a large kitchen, consider two smaller islands rather than a huge one to avoid these problems.

2nd Skimping on Storage

You want an abundance of functional storage in your kitchen. A common refurbishment error is to not include enough storage, especially lack of storage for items that will be used in a particular area. You don't need to store a large appliance ̵

1; like a stand mixer – in a closet far away from a convenient place to connect it and use it. This is something to plan strategically in a rebuild.

Being creative with storage space in your kitchen is one of the things you will appreciate most after a renovation. For example, use the space under cabinets to build additional storage space, where you can store rarely used items such as kitchen linen or some crockery. Elements such as a built-in box divider or a lazy Susan make your space more functional and it will be much more expensive to add these elements after a renovation is complete. and porcelain "data-src =" https://cimg0.ibsrv.net/cimg/www.doityourself.com/660x300_85/416/kitchen-storage-569416.jpg "data-target =" # articlesModal "class =" lazyload js-mobile-stretch "sizes =" (max-width: 320px) 320px,
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3. Make impulse decisions

It's easy to pack design elements for your new kitchen when you look at them in a stylish showroom. However, keep in mind that these elements will look very different in the walls of the house than they do anywhere else. Bring home samples to get a better sense of what suits the style and space of your home before committing to these items.

4. Choosing appliances last

Choosing your kitchen appliances really should not come last in the renovation process, as it will be quite difficult to find the ones that match the exact dimensions you may have if you designed the rest of the kitchen first. Select your appliances in advance so that you know the exact space they will pick up as you proceed with your renovation.

5. Not looking at the space on a wider level

Choosing the various design elements – such as cabinets, paints, floors and hardware – is a of the most exciting parts of a kitchen renovation. But if you do not look at all your choices in relation to each other, you will not see the big picture of your new kitchen. Make sure you research how everything works together to ensure that it creates a cohesive room rather than one that looks incoherent.

6th Do not take into account the flow

Within your kitchen, the busiest areas tend to be sink, stove and refrigerator. It is a common mistake not to place these strategically close to each other to increase the comfort of your kitchen as well as your efficiency when cooking. "

 young family in a kitchen

7. Not Thinking Through Ventilation

Ventilation is extremely important in kitchens, as many scents pass through this area. ventilation they could linger uncomfortably Make sure in your renovation that you are planning enough ventilation to prevent this smelly issue.

8. Being too trendy

It is no secret that kitchen trends come and go! renovates its kitchen only every ten years (it's a big project!), so you want to make sure you choose design elements that stand the test of time. be replaced when the trend is no longer in style.

9. Being too open

Open shelves are becoming more and more popular in kitchen renovations – and for good reason! This storage method is a little cheaper at t install and look good in many kitchens. But incorporating too much open storage – and thus leaving many of your kitchen utensils, crockery and other items visible – can soon make the space seem crowded and chaotic.

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10. Making counters to the wrong height

No one wants an aching back from chopping vegetables. This can come from not making countertops the right height to work with. Be sure to measure your new counters carefully and consider which height is most comfortable for family members to use.

A kitchen renovation is exciting, but that's just the beginning! Once you have got your beautiful new space, develop some good cleaning and maintenance habits to keep your kitchen – new or old – in top condition.

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