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10 indoor DIY projects to do while quarantined

Many of us are entering a period of self-isolation as a way to protect our families and ourselves from the dangers of the COVID19 pandemic. This may mean that you are less productive than usual, but there are still plenty of DIY projects you can do within your four walls. These ten ideas will help you remove the thought from our situation and leave your home feeling upgraded as a result.

first Hang a gallery wall

Do you have lots of art or family photos that you have seen? Take advantage of the time inside and do just that. This can easily be done in a day, as all you have to do is gather your frames, art and accents. From there you can map how they will be arranged and hung on the wall of your choice. Then add the necessary hardware to the wall and hang your items. You have a wonderful gallery in no time.

  family pho gallery wall

2. Reupholster a chair

Give the cramped armchair a face lift. To do this, first unscrew the seat from the frame. Remove the existing fabric. Reset the frame with the fabric you choose and staple the new material to the chair. In these few easy steps you have a completely updated chair that feels like new.

3rd Create ribbon accents

If you have beautiful ribbon lying as well as fabric glue, you can complete a simple DIY project in no time. Add ribbons to objects such as curtains or pillows to give them a modernized look without much work or high costs. This will add a splash of color to all home accessories.

4th Redo your headboard

Want to add texture and color to your bedroom? Look no further than your headboard. You can simply adorn yours by using glue to add textured embellishments to whatever design you want. When the glue has hardened, paint your headboard a new color to add some color or a new look to your bedroom.

5th Creating a Terrarium

Take succulents and all the glass containers you have lying around and create your own terrarium garden. This is a great way to integrate nature into your home. In addition, terraces are low maintenance facilities that last a long time.

  small curved glass terraces with green plants

6. Transform a Vase

Everyone ends up with a shelf full of ordinary glass vases in their home, so why not transform one of you? Take the jute rope and pull it around the entire vase, start at the bottom and work your way up to the top or vice versa. When you've reached the end, glue the rope in place. This gives the vase a transformed, nautical and beachy look that will look great with a large bunch of flowers in your counter.

7th Add a pattern to your desk

Turn a plain, boring desk into a statement piece in every bedroom. Do this by attaching a beautiful wallpaper to the outside of the box. This creates an interesting and unique look that you can customize to your taste.

8th Fix a Wobbly Chair (or two)

Spend some of your extra time fixing a wobbly chair that works as an irritant in your home. Do this by drilling a hole through the chair leg and filling the problematic joint with glue. The fix is ​​as simple as in most cases!

ninth DIY Placemats

Placemats help to dress up any table, and you can make some that are completely game-safe while remaining stylish. Finish the project by cutting everything you want into 12-by-17-inch rectangles. Iron the fabric so that each piece is completely flat. Then apply vinyl pieces to each mat on the top and bottom, cut the vinyl to the same size as the fabric. You will end up with long-lasting and beautiful placemats.

  simple wooden washer with metal handle

10. Creating a Cupboard

A serving or accent tray is a welcome addition to any home. Use an old cabinet door and a couple of drawers for this project. Take the old cabinet door and first use wood filler to put together any existing holes. When the filler has dried, grind the cabinet and paint it in the color of your choice. Finally, drill holes and screw in the handles. Then you have an elegant compartment that you will use time and time again.

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